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CSD Series Cooling Tower - Counterflow - Splash Fill - Douglas-fir Structure
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CSD Series Cooling Towers

If you are challenged by poor water quality, yet desire an industrial grade, high efficient, and economically priced cooling tower, then our splash-fill Doulas-Fir counterflow option is the tower you are looking for.

The perfect economic solution for the poorest of water quality conditions, CTDs counterflow splash fill Douglas-Fir tower design offers both the performance that you desire with an industrial strength structure. Equipped with CTDs proprietary splash grids, this tower design can handle the harshest of industrial water conditions and deliver the guaranteed cold water you require. Our CSD tower provides a smaller tower footprint than the alternative crossflow tower design, along with a lower pump head to save on operating cost.

Our Douglas-Fir structure is CTI certified and has been proven reliable in the most extreme industrial environments. Pressure treated to prevent decay, our structures will provide many years of trouble-free service.